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Bodcau Fishing Hunting Camping Boating

Minden, LA 71055 (156.982 miles)

Locatedin Bossier and Webster Parishes. Boating, fishing,birding, hunting and camping are available. Ivan Lake is a man-made reservoir available for use.

Official Website: Bodcau

Jackson Bienville WMA Hunting

Minden, LA 71055 (156.982 miles)

Located in Jackson, Bienville, and Lincoln parishes. Rolling pine hills and bottomland hardwoods. Hunting and trapping.

Official Website: Jackson Bienville WMA

Loggy Bayou WMA Hiking Fishing Hunting Camping

Minden, LA 71055 (156.982 miles)

Located in Bossier Parish. Hunting, sport and commercial fishing. Bird watching and nature study groups. Camping

Official Website: Loggy Bayou WMA

Soda Lake WMA Hiking Hunting Biking

Minden, LA 71055 (156.982 miles)

Located in Caddo parish. Access is limited to walk-in and bicycle. Hunting, wildlife and bird viewing

Official Website: Soda Lake WMA

Tenkiller State Park Hiking Fishing Camping Boating

Vian, OK 74962 (157.293 miles)

There are many reasons why we call Tenkiller State Park, "Heaven in the Hills". Located on the shore of scenic Lake Tenkiller, this park is an outdoor recreation wonderland. The magnificent limestone cliffs, crystal clear water and abundant water sports, including an underwater scuba park, make this one of Oklahoma's favorites.The sparkling blue waters of Tenkiller Lake offer water enthusiasts an abundance of recreational opportunities including water skiing, fishing, boating, tubing, and scuba diving.

Official Website: Tenkiller State Park

Hillside National Wildlife Refuge Fishing Hunting

Cruger, MS 38924 (157.561 miles)

This refuge is an oasis of wildlife habitat surrounded by agriculture. Bounded on the east side by the unique loess bluffs of eastern Mississippi, this 15,572-acre refuge was named to reflect its location at the base of the bluffs. The refuge was established in 1975 and provides important stop-over and nesting habitat for over 200 species of neotropical migratory birds.

Official Website: Hillside National Wildlife Refuge

Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge Fishing Hunting

Cruger, MS 38924 (157.561 miles)

Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge encompasses 2,418 acres in west-central Mississippi. Established in 1980, the refuge is one of seven national wildlife refuges in the Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge Complex. The primary habitat feature is Mathews Brake, the largest brake in Leflore County. Each winter the brake provides habitat for over 30,000 ducks. Neotropical migratory birds use the refuge during migration seasons throughout the year. The refuge supports about 200 species of migratory birds, including priority species such as the prothonotary warbler.

Official Website: Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge

Morgan Brake National Wildlife Refuge Fishing Hunting

Cruger, MS 38924 (157.561 miles)

Morgan Brake National Wildlife Refuge of seven refuges in the Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge Complex. In addition to the typical bottomland habitats of the Mississippi Delta, Morgan Brake National Wildlife Refuge includes a unique mile of north-facing loess bluffs on the east side of the refuge. This rare habitat with its unique floral assembly, has been described by natural resources experts as the standard by which all loess bluffs can be judged.The refuge is noted for large numbers of wintering waterfowl which have exceeded 100,000 ducks in recent years. Approximately 250 species of birds use the

Official Website: Morgan Brake National Wildlife Refuge

Hugh White Fishing Camping Boating

Grenada, MS 38902 (159.524 miles)

Located on scenic Grenada Lake, Hugh White State Park offers the finest outdoor recreation amenities available, all nestled in a setting unmatched in natural beauty. Grenada Lake is best known as a haven for crappie fishermen, but is also well-stocked with bass, bream, and catfish. Hugh White State Park is centrally located between Memphis, Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi.

Official Website: Hugh White

Tallahatchie National Wildlife Refuge Fishing Hunting

Grenada, MS 38902 (159.524 miles)

The Tallahatchie National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1990 and consists of 4,083 acres in Grenada and Tallahatchie Counties. Topography is relatively flat and land has been subject to extensive clearing and drainage. Upon acquisition the refuge lands consited mostly of agricultural fields. Since then, nearly 1,300 acres have been reforested. The unit's largest continuous tract is a patchwork of cultivated farmlands, old fields, and small scattered hardwood bottomland forests bisected by the meandering Tippo Bayou that is its center piece.

Official Website: Tallahatchie National Wildlife Refuge