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There are 157 places within 200 miles of zip code 37201 (Nashville, TN) that match your search request.

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Dunbar Cave SP Hiking Fishing

Clarksville, TN 37043 (33.894 miles)

Dunbar Cave is located 60 minutes northwest of Nashville and about one and a half miles northeast of downtown Clarksville, TN in Montgomery County. Dunbar Cave is the most prominent of several caves located in this designated natural area. In the roomy mouth of the cave, square dances, radio shows, and big band era concerts were once held.

Official Website: Dunbar Cave SP

Henry Horton SP Hiking Fishing Camping

4358 Nashville Hwy., TN 37034 (38.667 miles)

Henry Horton State Park is well known for their championship 18-hole golf course, inn and cabins, campgrounds and trap and skeet range. The 1,140-acre park has three hiking trails where you may see a variety of wildlife such as wild turkey, deer and many kinds of wildflowers. Summer months bring hours of family enjoyment whether it's swimming in our Olympic-sized pool, fishing along the Duck River, playing volleyball or basketball, or having a picnic, Henry Horton State Park has a lot to offer.

Official Website: Henry Horton SP

Stewart State Forest Hiking Fishing Hunting Camping Biking Horseback Boating

Maynardville, TN 37041 (41.824 miles)

his Forest is located in northwestern Tennessee, in south-central Stewart County. State Highway 49 was an old rail bed that connected iron furnaces, that now bisects the forest. It is south of the western boundary of the Cross Creek National Wildlife Refuge. The Forest was acquired from a larger tract of land that was the Leech Estate, it became State land in 1933 in lieu of taxes. In 1935 governor McAllister declared it a state forest.

Official Website: Stewart State Forest

Edgar Evins SP Hiking Fishing Camping Boating

Silver Point, TN 38582 (57.682 miles)

Edgar Evins State Park is located on the shores of Center Hill Lake in the steep, hilly Eastern Highland Rim. The 6,000 acre park provides excellent recreational opportunities and accommodations on one of the most beautiful reservoirs in Tennessee. Wildlife is abundant. There are approximately 11 miles of trails ranging from moderate to strenuous. Of the park’s 5 trails, the longest is the 9-mile Jack Clayborn Millennium Trail; registration is required at this trailhead. Other trails vary in length from ¼ to 1 mile and do not require registration.

Official Website: Edgar Evins SP

Lewis State Forest Hiking Fishing Hunting Camping Biking Horseback Boating

Hohenwald, TN 38462 (60.276 miles)

his area was purchased from the Chancery Court of Lewis County for delinquent taxes in 1933 and became a State Forest in 1936. It is on the Western Highland Rim in central-southwestern Tennessee, in Lewis County. There are no known cultural sites on the forest. There is a demonstration forest road, exemplifying the use of BMPs and appropriate engineering specifications. Other areas of the forest have served for past research studies. A small wetland occurs in the southwestern corner of the forest. Most of the land (97%) is in forest cover and the remainder is open land. This Forest is somewhat unique in the Tennessee State Forest system in that about 15% of the forested area is in the southern yellow pine type. Primary recreational use of the Forest is for hunting. All timber harvests include objectives for improving habitat for wildlife.

Official Website: Lewis State Forest

Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park Hiking Fishing Boating

732 Stone Fort Drive, TN 37355 (60.878 miles)

This State Archaeological Park is dedicated to the preservation, protection, study and interpretation to the public of this significant survival of ancient culture. The park offers educational and entertaining programs, which increase understanding of the Old Stone Fort, archaeology, and Native American cultures. The museum includes exhibits that orientate the visitor to the Old Stone Fort and its setting, the hilltop enclosure mound site’s broader significance and the culture of its builders.

Official Website: Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park

Fort Donelson National Battlefield Hiking Biking

Dover, TN 37058 (62.629 miles)

The tour at Fort Donelson National Battlefield is self-guided. Most visitors gain a better understanding of the battle by first visiting the museum and viewing the 10-minute audiovisual program. A park brochure explains the six-mile, self-guided tour. Park Rangers are available for questions. The park has 5.7 miles of hiking trails for nature lovers to enjoy. Visitors can pick up a trail guide at the visitor center. For more information call (931) 232-5348.

Official Website: Fort Donelson National Battlefield

Stewart State Forest Hiking Fishing Hunting Camping Biking Horseback

Hwy 49, TN 37058 (62.629 miles)

Size: 4,277 acres. This Forest is located in northwestern Tennessee, in south-central Stewart County. Hunting, hiking and some mountain biking are offered. There also are many sites of historic or cultural interest on the forest, including hundreds of areas where charcoal was produced, an iron ore pit, and several old house sites and stills. There are also several small areas where prairie grasses have been established. Approximately 96% is in hardwoods and only about 3% is in pine. The dominant hardwood type is oak/hickory and is generally even aged (70-95 years) containing mostly mature to over-mature hardwood.

Official Website: Stewart State Forest

Cross Creeks NWR Hiking Fishing Hunting Boating

Dover, TN 37058 (62.629 miles)

Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge Cross Creeks NWR is located four miles east of Dover, in Stewart County, Tennessee and approximately seventy-five miles northwest of Nashville, Tennessee. The refuge was established in 1962 as a result of mitigation proceedings with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers when portion of the Kentucky Woodlands NWR was inundated with the creation of the Lake Barkely Project. Its primary purpose is to provide feeding and resting habitat for migratory birds with an emphasis placed on providing habitat for wintering waterfowl.

Official Website: Cross Creeks NWR

Lake Malone State Park Hiking Fishing Boating

Dunmore, KY 42339 (64.184 miles)

The lake is enclosed by dramatic 50-foot sandstone bluffs rising above the water's edge and surrounded by hardwood forests. Discover the beautiful landscape of Lake Malone State Park on the 1.5-mile Laurel Trail or the .25-mile Wildflower Trail. These easy-rated hiking trails provide picturesque views of many rock walls, once used as shelters by Native Americans. Mountain laurel, holly, dogwood and wildflowers provide a rich tapestry of native flora. Natural wonders abound in this secluded wilderness!

Official Website: Lake Malone State Park