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Fern Cave National Wildlife Refuge Fishing Hunting

Decatur, AL 35603 (154.151 miles)

Fern Cave NWR consists of 199 acres of forested hillside underlain by a massive cave with many stalactite and stalagmite-filled rooms. The cave has five hidden entrances with four occurring on the Refuge. Access is extremely difficult and has been described as a vertical and horizontal maze by expert cavers. Horizontal sections of the cave are known to be more than 15 miles long and vertical drops of 450 feet are found within. Spectacular features including unrivaled formations, important paleological and archaeological finds, and a diverse cave fauna have contributed to Fern Cave as being described as the most spectacular cave in the U.S. and has fame both nationally and internationally.

Official Website: Fern Cave National Wildlife Refuge

Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge Hiking

Decatur, AL 35603 (154.151 miles)

Sauta Cave NWR is located just above the Sauty Creek embayment on TVA's Guntersville Reservoir, 7 miles west of Scottsboro in Jackson County, Alabama. There is an entrance gate to the Refuge on the south side of U.S. Highway 72. Sauta Cave itself is gated and not open to the public due to the potential for disturbance of federally endangered gray bats. Other portions of the 264-acre refuge are open to the public. Persons wishing to visit the cave may park outside the Refuge entrance gate and walk in to the cave entrance. Sauta Cave NWR serves as a major maternity cave for gray bats where recent counts have documented up to 400,000 emerging from the cave. This natural phenomenon only occurs June -August and lasts for approximately one hour near dusk. To view bats emerging from the cave, park at the Refuge entrance gate and walk approximately 100 yards to the cave entrance on your right. A new wildlife viewing platform is available to watch the emergence. Remember to bring your umbrella.

Official Website: Sauta Cave National Wildlife Refuge

Henderson Heritage Preserve Hiking Fishing Hunting Biking Horseback

Aiken, SC 29801 (155.894 miles)

These forests, although dominated by a single canopy tree species, are one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in North America.

Official Website: Henderson Heritage Preserve

George L. Smith Hiking Fishing Camping Biking Boating

Twin City, GA 30471 (156.345 miles)

With natural beauty, lakeside camping, and cozy cottages scheduled park is the perfect South GA retreat.

Official Website: George L. Smith

Big Ridge State Park Hiking Fishing Camping Biking Horseback Boating

Maynardville, TN 37807 (156.599 miles)

The heavily forested, 3,687-acre park lies on the southern shore of TVA's Norris Reservoir approximately 25 miles north of Knoxville. Visitors to the park will find a wealth of activities to meet any interest from guided nature tours to backcountry camping.

Official Website: Big Ridge State Park

Norris Dam SP Hiking Fishing Camping Boating

Lake City, TN 37769 (158.176 miles)

This 4,038-acre park, located on the Norris Reservoir, began in 1933 as the first Tennessee Valley Authority project. Miles of trails lead hikers through deeply forested valleys and ridges. Many miles of woodland trails meander throughout the park and adjacent lands, providing spectacular views of Norris Lake and its surrounding hills and valleys. Hiking trails are open year round. Many other attractions await your finding at Norris Dam State Park.

Official Website: Norris Dam SP

Chimney Rock State Park Hiking

Chimney Rock, NC 28720 (160.026 miles)

The Chimney Rock area of the state park is operated by a private contractor and is open throughout the year. Entry fees offset the cost of operating this popular tourist destination. Currently, Chimney Rock is the only public access within the greater Chimney Rock State Park. However, the N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation will eventually develop other areas of the state park with more traditional park facilities and recreation. The greater Chimney Rock State Park currently encompasses roughly 4,000 acres on both north and south sides of the gorge and expansion efforts continue to bring more of the gorge’s rich natural resources into conservation

Official Website: Chimney Rock State Park

Croft State Natural Area Hiking Fishing Camping Biking Horseback Boating

Spartanburg, SC 29302 (160.253 miles)

A green retreat in the heart of fast-growing Spartanburg County, the park offers more than 12 miles of biking and hiking trails, a playground, picnicking and camping, as well as fishing and boating in two lakes, including 150-acre Lake Craig. Also has equestrian facilities.

Official Website: Croft State Natural Area

Pacolet River Heritage Preserve Hiking Fishing

Spartanburg, SC 29302 (160.253 miles)

Come to bird-watch, take photographs, fish or simply enjoy the woods and river. Leave with a sense of awe sparked by visiting a site important to people thousands of years ago.

Official Website: Pacolet River Heritage Preserve

Magnolia Springs State Park Hiking Fishing Camping Biking Boating

Millen, GA 30442 (161.218 miles)

Magnolia Springs is know for its crystal clear springs flowing 7-9 million gallons of water per day and a beautiful boardwalk which spans the cool water

Official Website: Magnolia Springs State Park